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Monitored LF frequencies
frequency call sign power location description
183 kHz Europe 1 2 MW Felsberg‑Berus, Germany French LW broadcast station [stream]
234 kHz RTL 2 MW Beidweiler, Luxemburg French LW broadcast station [stream]


Monitored MF frequencies
frequency call sign power location description
621 kHz La Première 300 kW Wavre, Belgium French‑language Belgian public broadcaster [stream]


Monitored HF frequencies
frequency CET language stations description
3.603 MHz Sundays 09h–11h Dutch PA & ON ZX-ronde [webSDR]
3.630 MHz 18h–20h Dutch PA & ON Nederlandstalig net [webSDR]
3.630 MHz 00h–04h Dutch PA & ON Nachtuilen [webSDR]
3.697 MHz 01h–05h English G & GW [webSDR]
3.7475 MHz 18h15 German HB3 & HB9 Berner Runde [webSDR]
14.317 MHz 12h30 German HB9 Auslandschweizer Runde [webSDR]


Monitored VHF frequencies
frequency (MHz) shift (MHz) call sign access tone (Hz) CTCSS out (Hz) EchoLink location description
145.2375 ON0LIL 131.8 EchoLink gateway
145.2750 ON4RST Sint-Truiden UBA section Saffraanberg
145.3125 MLB Genk UBA section Midden‑Limburg
145.3875 ON7BB local hams from Opglabbeek
145.6625 -0.6 ON0NL 131.8 131.8 Peer repeater Noord‑Limburg
145.6500 -0.6 ON0LG 74.4 74.4 Seraing repeater Liège
145.7125 -0.6 ON0DST 131.8 131.8 179078 (31) Meldert-Lummen repeater Diest
145.7250 -0.6 PI3ZLB 71.9 71.9 Geleen repeater Geleen
145.7625 -0.6 ON0AN 67.0 67.0 Antwerpen repeater Antwerpen
145.7750 -0.6 ON0LB 131.8 & 1750 131.8 Vreren repeater Limburg [stream]
145.7875 -0.6 DB0WA 94.8 94.8 652436 Aachen repeater Aachen


Monitored UHF frequencies
frequency (MHz) shift (MHz) call sign access tone (Hz) CTCSS out (Hz) EchoLink location description
430.1250 +1.6 PI2NOS 430125 multiple locations; Sittard Dutch interconnected repeater network [bargraphs] [map] [stream]
431.6000 multiple locations; Sittard measurement network BARETTA [map]
438.9000 -7.6 ON0LB 131.8 & 1750 131.8 195950 (33) Vreren repeater Limburg
439.0125 -7.6 ON0TB 131.8 3999
Robertville repeater Botrange
439.1000 -7.6 ON0TLO 131.8 131.8 429437 Scherpenheuvel repeater Tessenderlo
439.1500 -7.6 ON0LN 131.8 131.8 394137 (34) Meeuwen-Gruitrode repeater Noord‑Limburg
439.3500 -7.6 ON0AN 131.8 45573 (21) Antwerpen repeater Antwerpen
Monitored UHF DVB-T channels
frequency ch. pol. TV programs transmitter notes
506 MHz 25 H Één, Canvas, Ketnet Genk
666 MHz 45 H La Une, La Deux, La Trois/Ouftivi, Euronews Seraing, Liège coverage map
738 MHz 54 dir. V NPO1, NPO1, NPO3, L1 Sittard coverage map
DVB‑T2 by 2020


Monitored satellite positions
position name origin of channels
5.0° W Eutelsat 5 W France
13.0° E Hot Bird Italy, Switzerland
19.2° E Astra 1 Germany, Spain
23.5° E Astra 3 Belgium, Netherlands
28.2° E Astra 2 UK

For lining out a satellite dish at your specific location, use this satellite look angle calculator.

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